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Prodige des Océans ritual for body and face

120 min 98€ (normal price 120€)

A luxurious ritual dedicated to the youth, the key ingredient of which is the exclusive rejuvenating Concentrate of Thalgo Prodiges with 63 ingredients. Rejuvenating facial treatment reduces wrinkles and improves elasticity of your face, resulting in a bright, moisturised and toned-up skin. A deeply relaxing ritual massage soothes the senses and directs the body's natural energies to move again.

Juniper treatment

75 min 39€ (normal price 46€)

Juniper is, of course, the most KENA (nice) gift of nature to be found here on our island. This treatment combines a body peel and a massage. Peeling employs a special peel made from juniper that originates in Saaremaa and helps to expel toxins from the body and acts as a tonic for the skin. During the body massage, the focus is intensified on the abdominal area; if the customer so wishes, instead of the abdominal area, the back is focused on or tense muscles calmed. This treatment accelerates metabolism and causes energies to move. The result is toned skin, a body cleansed of waste residue and a calm frame of mind. This treatment provides a truly energising experience. Please note: Not suitable for expectant mothers or during breastfeeding.

Stress relief massage

60 min 39€ (normal price 49€)

A unique combination of the features of ten distinct cultures. This is more than just a simple massage. The care treatment begins with a light dry brushing procedure, followed by rhythmic and deeply relaxing massage movements… Pure oils energise the spirit and relax the tense muscles. This care treatment is simply addictive! NB! Treatment is not recommended to soon-to-be moms. 

Revitalizing and nourishing facial treatment

60 min 39€ (normal price 49€)

Foot massage – quick solution for tired legs

30 min 25€ (normal price 30€)

The treatment begins with the peeling massage. With caring oils and calming fragrance it provides an immediate sense of well-being, relaxes tired feet, removes dead skin cells and cares for the cuticles. NB! Massage is not recommended to soon-to-be moms.

Hand treatment

60 min 29€ (normal price 35€)

Our hands are the most environmentally affected parts of our body, thus needing special care and attention. In the course of this treatment your hands will be exfoliated, your nails done and your hands will be moisturized with special hand care products. As an extra treat, you will also receive a hand massage including a nurturing hand mask.

Chocolate treatment for children

45 min 25€ (normal price 30€)

To all sweettooths who dream about becoming a director of the chocolate factory, as only in this position you could eat as much chocolate as going into the mouth at a time and even more …

Juniper bath

20 min 14€ (normal price 19€)

Juniper helps you to experience the true Saaremaa with all your senses. Juniper berries and essential oils help the body to detoxify any waste residues and take excess fluid out of the body. At the same time, jets of high-pressure water relax and massage the entire body. A juniper bath is a delightful treatment to help you to remember this local miracle tree. Legend has it that juniper is a remedy for as many as 99 ills... PS! You can also whisk yourself without any fear using juniper branches whilst taking a bath.


A la carte Beauty ritual

120 min 89€ (normal price 98€)

Especially for our beloved customers, we have developed a seasonal luxurious a la carte spa beauty ritual. Delight yourself with the luxury beauty ritual, where the skin regenerating body treatment combined with energizing facial treatment improve the real synergy of your body. The luxurious beauty ritual starts with the whole body peeling, which cocktail of salt crystals and aroma make the skin silky smooth and soft. Followed by a soothing massage with a rich and rejuvenating VIE body lotion. The beauty ritual continues with VIE skin regenerating facial treatment to remove the dryness and signs of fatigue. A thorough peeling is carried out to smooth the skin and remove the delicate expression lines. Dermo – stimulating massage and a deep moisturizing mask instantly restore the skin tone, and well-being. Finally, applicable eye and face moisturizers enrich the skin with a combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamins. The skin bursting with vitality is once again bright and fresh, looks younger, healthier, and that is the real harmony of beauty! Ask for additional personalized recommendations for home beauty ritual from our spa therapist!

Slimming peat and mud body wrap

75 min 39€ (normal price 46€)

The treatment combines the energy of the Earth, sea, and warmth. The body is cleansed by means of a peat and mud wrap, which is extremely efficient in excreting toxins and slimming. During the body wrap, you will have a thorough foot massage to consciously influence different areas and organs of the body. After the wrap, you will experience additional surge of energy and warmth from a massage performed with warm oil – this will take you daydreaming to the most beautiful places… Overall, the treatment has a slimming effect and it excretes toxins, gives positive energy, and relaxes. NB! The treatment is not suitable for soon-to-be moms!

Hand or foot parafin

30 min 26€ (normal price 30€)

An effective warm treatment with pure paraffin for Your hands gives the skin valuable moisture and makes it visibly soft and elastic. The lavender aroma and pleasant calming warmth ease muscular tension and ensure an immediate comfortable feeling.

The ideal treatment for dry feet. The feet get a peeling and are put into pure paraffin warmed up in an oven which helps to restore the elasticity of the skin and has an extremely softening effect. The feet are covered with sheepskin socks so that the active ingredients could absorb even deeper. Calming lavender aroma and pleasant warmth ease muscular tensions.
NB! Foot paraffin is not recommended to soon-to-be moms.

Muscle relief massage

30 min 26€ (normal price 30€)

Heavenly brief relaxation, especially good for soothing tensions in the shoulder girdle. Avocado oil is used; shoulders, arms and neck are massaged. You find soothe for the tensions which tend to pile up in the upper part of the back through the experienced feeling of satisfaction.

Micro-D Flash Beauty - Renewing moisturizing facial treatment

60 min 69€ (normal price 75€)

Deeply exfoliates to refine the skin texture and reveal the radiance of your complexion. Enjoyable renewing and moisturizing treatment is made according to needs of different skin types. There are six steps in the care: face cleansing and preparation, modeling skin scrub with scrubbing powder Micro-D, face massage, moisturizing and regenerating mask, hand massage, eye and face cream.

GOSPA facial massage

30 min 26€ (normal price 30€)

The treatment begins with a special scalp massage, after what the face would be cleaned and toned. After face peeling, it is time to enjoy a relaxing face and neckline massage. The treatment ends with applying a protective or balancing day cream.

Chocolate treatment for children

45 min 26€ (normal price 30€)

To all sweettooths who dream about becoming a director of the chocolate factory, as only in this position you could eat as much chocolate as going into the mouth at a time and even more …

Herbal bath

20 min 16€ (normal price 19€)

In addition to general relaxing effect of water your body will be activated and your spirit uplifted by the essences of different herbs. You can choose your favourite herb together with the therapist.

Infrared sauna up to 4 person

30 min 12€ (normal price 15€)


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