Use of cookies

  • For providing better service to its users, websites of Georg Ots Spa Hotel use cookies.
  • The domains owned by Georg Ots Spa Hotel may contain also an element which saves cookies on behalf of third parties.

What is a cookie?

  • A cookie is a text file, which is sent to and saved in the user’s computer by websites visited by the user. A cookie is saved in the user’s browser folder. If the user has previously visited the website, the browser will read the cookie and forward the respective information to the website or element that initially saved the cookie. More information about cookies is available on the webpage
  • Cookies enable monitoring the user statistics of a website, popularity of sections, and other operations made on the website. Information obtained from cookies is used for the purpose of improving the website’s user convenience and content.

Disabling cookies

  • The user has a right to disable the saving of cookies in the computer. If so desired, the client must change the settings of their browser.
  • Different types of browsers use also different methods for disabling cookies. More detailed information is displayed on the website at
  • When blocking the cookies, the user must consider that not all functions of the webpage may be available to the user after blocking the cookies.

Types of cookies used on the website

  • Permanent cookies are essential for navigating around on the website and using its functions. If there were no permanent cookies, the user could not use all the functions of the website.
  • Session cookies enable the website to remember the previous choices made by the user (such as username, language, etc.) and thereby offer more efficient and personal functions.
  • Monitoring cookies gather information about the user behaviour on the website. Information obtained from monitoring cookies enables to improve the website’s user convenience.
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