Good custom rules

We would like you to feel yourselves at home with us. As in every home, we have certain customs and habits here with us. Here are some simple behaviour rules…

  • Although our pools are meant for bathing and are not remarkably deep, we would ask you to critically estimate your swimming abilities.
  • The spa therapists, as well as the sauna and pool assistants would gladly introduce you all the different purposes and effects of every pool.
  • In the territories of spa and sauna one has to wear the swimming outfit.
  • The usage of glass dishes and bottles is forbidden in your own safety.
  • Children are allowed to stay in the spa only if accompanied by a parent or guardian who takes full responsibility for their safety.
  • It is strongly not recommended to use the spa and sauna when having consumed alcohol. It is not the therapists you will disturb but the other customers. The clients that have consumed alcohol are withdrawed from the spa for the sake of security.
  • The therapist has a right to refuse serving the client with the signs of drunkenness. The money paid in advance for the booked up service will not be repaid.
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