KENA by GOSPA body treatments

Our spa treatments are available from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day. 
Reservations: we suggest booking all spa treatments in advance by calling +372 45 50 003 or by e-mail or write to us in the chat window below.

Firming body wrap

75 min / 58 €

This treatment helps to achieve the shape of your dreams! The body is tightened with a seaweed body scrub, which enriches the skin with sea minerals. Afterward, the problematic areas are trimmed with special massage techniques. Your whole body will be pampered with a nourishing cream and relaxing massage.
NB! Treatment is not suitable for expectant mothers or during breastfeeding.

GOSPA recommends

  • Extend your body treatment with a massage by 15 min 10€ or 30 min 20€
  • Complement the effect of body treatment with GOSPA Herbal or Juniper bath 20 min


Juniper treatment

75 min / 58 €

Juniper is, of course, the most KENA (nice) gift of nature to be found here on our island. This treatment combines a body peel and a massage. Peeling employs a special peel made from juniper that originates in Saaremaa and helps to expel toxins from the body and acts as a tonic for the skin. During the body massage, the focus is intensified on the abdominal area; if the customer so wishes, instead of the abdominal area, the back is focused on or tense muscles calmed. This treatment accelerates metabolism and causes energies to move. The result is toned skin, a body cleansed of waste residue and a calm frame of mind.
NB! Treatment is not suitable for expectant mothers or during breastfeeding.

Other body treatments

GOSPA ritual for your body and face

120 min / 99 €

A unique relaxing ritual, that combines the perfect facial and body treatment. The treatment begins with a gentle brushing over the body, followed by a deeply relaxing massage. Essential oils stimulate the mind and relax the tense muscles.
The facial treatment will be chosen in accordance with your personal skin type in order to restore the natural balance of the skin through a special massage stimulating the elasticity and muscle tone of the skin. At the same, the active agents of the facial mask will moisturise and restore the vitality and shine of your skin.  This ritual ends with an anti-stress head massage, making it the perfect treatment, leaving you completely relaxed from head to toe.
NB! Treatment is not suitable for expectant mothers.

Anti-cellulite fat burning promoting treatmen

75 min / 75 €

Special body care that provides firm skin and promotes cellulite reduction while activating fat burning in your tissues and elevating your metabolism. The treatment begins with a thorough peeling of the skin with enzyme scrub and exfoliating cream to ensure better absorption of the active ingredients. Legs, buttocks, and waist are wrapped in a special wrap impregnated with highly active ingredients that stay on for 25-30 minutes. The wrap is followed by a massage that activates and stimulates fat burning with Babor Anti-cellulite lotion.

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