KENA by GOSPA hydrotherapy treatments

Our spa treatments are available from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day. 
Reservations: we suggest booking all spa treatments in advance by calling +372 45 50 003 or by e-mail or write to us in the chat window below.

Herbal bath

20 min / 25 €

Herbal bath is soothing, releases tension, and stimulates blood circulation.

Juniper bath

20 min / 25 €

A juniper bath is a delightful treatment to help you to remember our local miracle tree. Legend has it that juniper is a remedy for as many as 99 ills... PS You can also whisk yourself without any fear using juniper branches whilst taking a bath.

Romantic rose flower bath for two

60 min / 45 €

A romantic bath for both of you to enjoy eachother’s company with sparkling wine and fruits.

Infrared sauna

30 min / 10€ for one person or 15€ for 2–4 people

An infrared sauna helps to cleanse your body of residues, improves muscle tone, and is efficient in reducing cellulite. It alleviates chronic fatigue and muscle pain, invigorates the nervous system, cleanses the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, boosts your immune system, reduces stress, and makes you energetic.

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