Hand and feet treatment

Hand treatment

60 min / 40 €

The GOSPA hand treatment includes a full manicure with a peel, massage and nourishing mask. The treatment ends with a super-moisturising paraffin mask for the skin of the hands or with the application of nail polish, depending on the customer’s preference.

Alessandro Striplac nail treatment

60 min / 40 €

At the end of a traditional hand treatment, the nails are polished with Alessandro Striplac, which remains on your nails like a gel polish. The nails are beautiful for up to 10 days, and the shining result is guaranteed.
NB! Treatments does not include emoving gel nail-polish.

Wellness feet treatment

90 min / 55 €

The luxurious foot treatment provides the feet with a full pedicure, peel and relaxing massage, including nourishing cream and, in conclusion, a super-moisturising mask. Polish is applied to the toenails if the customer so wishes.

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