Vie facial treatments

Micro-D Flash Beauty - Renewing moisturizing treatment

60 min / 75 €

Deeply exfoliates to refine the skin texture and reveal the radiance of your complexion. Enjoyable renewing and moisturizing treatment is made according to needs of different skin types. There are six steps in the care: face cleansing and preparation, modeling skin scrub with scrubbing powder Micro-D, face massage, moisturizing and regenerating mask, hand massage, eye and face cream.

MÉSOFORCE - Revitalizing plumping treatment

60 min / 79 €

Powerful revitalizing of the skin. MÉSOFORCE infuses the strength of Mesotherapy in spas to revitalize and plump the skin. This tailored treatment offers a personalized revitalization of the skin with a tailor-made Vitamin cocktail, prepared in real-time. Ultra-effective, offers maturing, dry and congested skin a complete shape up and an increased hydration. From the first treatment, the skin is rehydrated, revitalized and the face glows. Also recommended for men.

Vie rejuvenating facial treatment

60 min / 75 €

A ritual with medical beauty treatment background, which main part is a biological skin peeling. Already after the first active treatment, you will see that the texture of the skin is balanced, porosity is smaller, wrinkles are smoother, and the complexion is more radiant. The treatment is safe and with immediate rejuvenating effect.

Vie 3D facial beauty therapy

60 min / 79 €

An excellent effect treatment, inspired from three medical beauty treatment procedures: Botox injections, Hyaluronic Acid injections, and surgical facelift. Produced through a partnership with an esthetic top specialist Doctor Laurence Richier, this extraordinary 3D or three-dimensional beauty therapy guarantees exceptional results. It focuses on three facial zones—the upper face, lower face, and facial contour. Wrinkles are reduced, the skin is smoothed and the facial contour is sculpted. This miracle is born without a syringe and surgery.

Thalgo facial treatments

Thalgo moisturizing facial treatment

75 min / 65 €

The treatment begins with a special “Welcome” massage. Then the face is cleansed and toned. Dead skin cells are removed from the skin with a peeling cream corresponding to the skin type. Depending on your skin type, a deep moisturizing serum appropriate just for you shall be applied to your skin, followed by a special anti-wrinkle massage. Each line and wrinkle is processed with massage technique and these amazingly softening effects can be seen after only a single session. A relaxing massage follows the manually performed and unique lifting. Deeply moisturizing effect is achieved with a mask, which contains revitalizing marine and algae extracts. While relaxing under the mask, a relaxing shoulder massage adds value to the facial treatment. The facial ends with applying suitable day cream. An appropriate homecare guide is given to the client upon request.

Thalgo skin specific facials

60 min / 49 €

* Thalgo care for dry skin
* Thalgo care for sensitive skin
* Thalgo care for normal to combination skin

The treatment begins with specific scalp drainage „Modelagé de la Mer”. Then the face is cleansed and toned. Exfoliation follows and the extraction of impurities. Then it is time to enjoy the relaxing massage of the face, neck and décolleté. Depending on your skin type a soothing, nourishing or re-balancing mask follows. While the mask penetrates, you can enjoy a hand massage as a value-added extra to Thalgo facial. The facial ends with applying suitable cream. An appropriate homecare guide is given to the client.

Thalgo collagen facial treatment (1st wrinkles)

75 min / 75 €

This treatment with Marine Collagen, plant Glycopeptides and Palmaria Palmata algae has been developed to produce results from the very first treatment. Skin is left soft, radiant and even; wrinkles are visibly reduced, and the skin is smoothed and replumped.

Thalgo facial „Ocean” – moisturizing, refreshing

60 min / 59 €

A treatment specially developed for men, using unique seaweed. The treatment begins with relaxing head massage, followed by a face purification ritual, which is customized for your skin type. An exfoliation after the massage, at the end of which, an elixir, appropriate for your skin type, is gently massaged onto your face. A relaxing shoulder massage intensifies the relaxation while you have the deep moisturizing mask applied to your face.  The treatment ends with applying suitable day cream. Seaweed has moisturizing, invigorating and rejuvenating effect by giving the tired skin a rested and fresh complexion.

Facial massage

30 min / 30 €

The treatment begins with a special scalp massage, after what the face would be cleaned and toned. After face peeling, it is time to enjoy a relaxing face and neckline massage. The treatment ends with applying a protective or balancing day cream.

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