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A la carte Beauty ritual

120 min 79€ (normal price 99€)

Beauty ritual, where the skin regenerating body treatment combined with energizing facial treatment improve the real synergy of your body. The luxurious beauty ritual starts with the whole body peeling, which cocktail of salt crystals and aroma make the skin silky smooth and soft. Followed by a soothing massage with a rich and rejuvenating VIE body lotion. The beauty ritual continues with VIE skin regenerating facial treatment to remove the dryness and signs of fatigue. A thorough peeling is carried out to smooth the skin and remove the delicate expression lines. Dermo – stimulating massage and a deep moisturizing mask instantly restore the skin tone, and well-being. Finally, applicable eye and face moisturizers enrich the skin with a combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamins.

Anti-stress massage

60 min 40€ (normal price 50€)

A unique combination of the features of ten distinct cultures. This is more than just a simple massage. The care treatment begins with a light dry brushing procedure, followed by rhythmic and deeply relaxing massage movements… Pure oils energise the spirit and relax the tense muscles. NB! Treatment is not recommended to soon-to-be moms.

Thalgo Micronised Marine Algae Envelopment

75 min 55€ (normal price 69€)

A deeply relaxing body treatment providing intensive remineralisation and detoxification, using blended essential oils customised to your individual skin type and mood. Recommended as a preliminary treatment to all slimming courses. Rich in minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients, this seaweed body wrap activates circulation, relieves aches and pains, detoxifies and revives the metabolic balance. Entire body is exfoliated. Plasmalg Gel is applied over entire body. Next a mixture of Marine Algae is applied over the body. The client is covered with a heat blanket for the relaxation period. The treatment is completed with an application of moisturising body cream.

Hand treatment or Alessandro Striplac nail treatment

60 min 25€ (normal price 36€)

The GOSPA hand treatment includes a full manicure with a peel, massage and nourishing mask. The treatment ends with a super-moisturising paraffin mask for the skin of the hands or with the application of nail polish, depending on the customer’s preference.

Alessandro Striplac hand treatment: At the end of a traditional hand treatment, the nails are polished with Alessandro Striplac, which remains on your nails like a gel polish. The nails are beautiful for up to 10 days, and the shining result is guaranteed.
NB! Should you wish the previous gel nail-polish to be removed during the treatment, the time of the treatment will be 30 minutes longer and 10€ will be added to the price.


60 min 35€ (normal price 45€)

The foot treatment provides the feet with a full pedicure.

Babor Crand Cru Luxorious Anti-Aging with rose ampoule

75 min 65€ (normal price 80€)

Chocolate treatment for children

45 min 23€ (normal price 30€)

To all sweettooths who dream about becoming a director of the chocolate factory, as only in this position you could eat as much chocolate as going into the mouth at a time and even more …

Juniper bath

20 min 15€ (normal price 20€)

A juniper bath is a delightful treatment to help you to remember this local miracle tree. Legend has it that juniper is a remedy for as many as 99 ills... PS! You can also whisk yourself without any fear using juniper branches whilst taking a bath.


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