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January 10.-31.01.2022

GOSPA ritual for your body and face

120 min 89 € (normal price 99 €)

A unique relaxing ritual, that combines the perfect facial and body treatment. The treatment begins with a gentle brushing over the body, followed by a deeply relaxing massage. Essential oils stimulate the mind and relax the tense muscles.
The facial treatment will be chosen in accordance with your personal skin type in order to restore the natural balance of the skin through a special massage stimulating the elasticity and muscle tone of the skin. At the same, the active agents of the facial mask will moisturise and restore the vitality and shine of your skin.  This ritual ends with an anti-stress head massage, making it the perfect treatment, leaving you completely relaxed from head to toe.
NB! Treatment is not suitable for expectant mothers.

Micronised Marine Wrap with detox concentrate

75 min 59 € (normal price 69 €)

A deeply relaxing body treatment providing intensive remineralisation and detoxification, using blended essential oils customised to your individual skin type and mood. Recommended as a preliminary treatment to all slimming courses. Rich in minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients, this seaweed body wrap activates circulation, relieves aches and pains, detoxifies and revives the metabolic balance. Entire body is exfoliated. Plasmalg Gel is applied over entire body. Next a mixture of Marine Algae is applied over the body. The client is covered with a heat blanket for the relaxation period. The treatment is completed with an application of moisturising body cream.

Anti-stress massage

60 min 45 € (normal price 55 €)

A unique combination of the features of ten distinct cultures. This is more than just a simple massage. The care treatment begins with a light dry brushing procedure, followed by rhythmic and deeply relaxing massage movements… Pure oils energise the spirit and relax the tense muscles. NB! Treatment is not recommended to soon-to-be moms.

Doctor Babor intensive facial treatment with hyaluronic acid and collagen

60 min 75 € (normal price 85 €)

Especially intensive anti-aging treatment, which quickens the production of collagen and increases skins ability to keep in the moisture, smooths wrinkles and makes the skin youthful. Doctor Babor hyaluronic infusion, including three different sizes of molecules, moisturizes the skin efficiently and removes the wrinkles caused by dryness. Especial collagen biomatrix fleece mask activates the production of collagen, tautens and smooths the skin.

Foot massage – quick solution for tired legs

30 min 30 € (normal price 35 €)

The treatment begins with the peeling massage. With caring oils and calming fragrance it provides an immediate sense of well-being, relaxes tired feet, removes dead skin cells and cares for the cuticles. NB! Massage is not recommended to soon-to-be moms.

Hand treatment

60 min 30 € (normal price 40 €)

In the course of this treatment your hands will be exfoliated, your nails done and your hands will be moisturized with special hand care products. As an extra treat, you will also receive a hand massage including a nurturing hand mask.

Chocolate treatment for children

45 min 29 € (normal price 35 €)

To all sweettooths who dream about becoming a director of the chocolate factory, as only in this position you could eat as much chocolate as going into the mouth at a time and even more …

Juniper bath

20 min 19 € (normal price 25 €)

A juniper bath is a delightful treatment to help you to remember this local miracle tree. Legend has it that juniper is a remedy for as many as 99 ills... PS! You can also whisk yourself without any fear using juniper branches whilst taking a bath.


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